Taier holds a high-level talk with Danieli to enter into in-depth R&D cooperation

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On May 21, Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Taier) and Danieli Metallurgical Equipment held a high-level talk at the headquarters of the Italian company, and exchanged views in depth on further cooperation between both parties. The participants in the talk included President Mr. Gianpietro, Vice President Mr. Cruder, Drive Product Manager Mr. Pasca and Purchaisng & Planning Manager Mr. Wang Gang of China Region on the Danieli side as well as Chairman Mr. Tai Zhengbiao of Taier and General Manager Peng Yao of Shentai.

Taier Chairman Mr. Tai Zhengbiao and Danieli Chairman Mr. Gianpietro held an ardor and amicable exchange, and conducted an in-depth and comprehensive talk with the Danieli representatives headed by Vice President Mr. Cruder.

Ongoing high-level talk.

 (A group photo of Taier Chairman Tai Zhengbiao and Danieli Chairman Mr. Gianpietro together with Danieli officers)

Mr. Cruder briefed the visitors with Danieli’s dynamics during the talk at Danieli’s conference room. Following an organizational reshuffle, the new management team of Danieli has participated in early-stage sales, quotation, cost and production plan management, and sales, purchasing, production and other departments have strengthened mutual contact, realized a win-win result through two-way communication, overall coordination and reciprocal promotion.

Taier Chairman Mr. Tai Zhengbiao shared Taier's ongoing standardization and digitalization management. Mr. Tai pointed out that Taier has promoted technical standardization and production standardization through the improvement and optimization of site management, TPM, planning, quality and other systematic work; that Taier has introduced the technical innovation platform, broken down product performance indicators to part and component and finally allocated quality management to position and work piece according to the requirements of the quality management system; that in the production process, operation technicians work according to the SOP and perform self-inspection based on the SIP, and inspectors perform initial inspection, special inspection and tour inspection in accordance with the quality control plan and SIP, thereby standardizing and systemizing the work of quality management staff; and that through the innovation and improvement of inspection tools and record tools, Taier has realized an IT-based product quality traceability system, which has paved the way for quality statistics, analysis and improvement, thereby finally attaining the objective of accurate planning, reliable quality and clear, controllable cost.

During the exchange, Mr. Cruder thumbed up for Taier’s development and innovation, and attended Mr. Tai in a visit to Danieli’s plant area. During the talk, both parties agreed with one another in management sharing, joint technical research, product innovation and other affairs, determined the direction of cooperation at next step, strengthened bilateral strategic cooperation. The talk has promoted Taier’s internationalization process.

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