Two industrial standards drafted by Taier Heavy Industry receives approval

Clisks:318 UpdateTime:2018-6-20 16:14:35

Recently, in the new batch of industrial standards issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (National Metallurgical Industry Standard [2018] No. 3), the two industrial standards for metallurgical equipment drafted by Taier Heavy Industry have been ranked among them. Taier’s corporate mission of “leading industry technology and promoting industrial development" has further manifested.


The two industry standards of “JB/T 13498-2018 Tooth-curved Gear Coupling for Vertical Rollers” and “JB/T 13499-2018 Heavy Load Tooth-curved Gear Coupling for Hot Continuous Rolling Finishing Mill” will be implemented on December 1, 2018.

So far, Taier has chaired and drafted 22 national and industrial standards, and 120 patents, of which 28 are invention patents. This further enhances Taier’s discourse power in the industry and pushes the company’s industry position, technology level, and innovation ability to another new level.

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