Exchange on In-depth Strategic Cooperation between Chairman Tai Zhengbiao and CFHI

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 On June 19th, Tai Zhengbiao, the chairman of Taier Group, and his party walked into CFHI and visited Liu Mingzhong, the party secretary and chairman of CFHI, Sui Bingli, the general manager of CFHI, Qi Wenge and Jiang Jinshui, the deputy general managers of CFHI, and they conducted an exchange on deepening strategic cooperation.

Tai Zhengbiao, the chairman of Taier Group is communicating with Liu Mingzhong, the party secretary and chairman of CFHI

During the exchange, Liu Mingzhong briefly introduced that the development trend and future development plan of CFHI, Mr Liu pointed out that as a leading enterprise of heavy equipment in China, CFHI has always been to revitalize and develop national industry as its own task, and strive to become a world class comprehensive enterprise group of high-end equipment R & D, manufacture and service at an early date. Mr Liu proposed to carry out in-depth strategic cooperation with Taier Group, make joint contribution to high-end equipment manufacturing, play an important role in equipment manufacturing industry of the world and realize resource advantage sharing. Mr Tai Zhengbiao said that the cooperation with CFHI will bring more opportunities and chances for Taier. Taier will give full play to the brand advantage, speed up the strategic layout of metallurgical intelligence equipments ,artificial intelligence, lead the industry technology, promote indusctry development, and make contributions to social development with leading technology and products.

After the meeting, accompanied by Jiang Jinshui, the deputy general manager, Tai Zhengbiao and his party visited the digital factory of CFHI.

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