Professor Huang Xiaoou pays a visit to Taier

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On June 21, professor Huang Xiaoou—former president of China Surface Engineering Association, honorary president of Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, distinguished doctoral supervisor of Harbin Institute of Technology and leader of technical discipline of China Surface Engineeringpays a visit to Taier, accompanied by Huang Dongbao, deputy general manager, Li Chaoxiong, vice president of production and Tan Xinghai, chief technical engineer of Taier Surface Engineering Technology Company throughout the visit.

Huang Xiaoou conducted in-depth exchanges on the current situation and development trend of thermal spray industry in China and abroad, as well as current situation and future development of related industries of thermal spray application at home and abroad, mainly introduced the prospects of the application of thermal spraying in such industries as metallurgy, electronics, aerospace and new energy, and proposed forward-looking suggestions for future development and industry planning of Taier surface engineering.

After listening to the development history of Taier and industrial layout and future development planning of Taier surface engineering, Huang Xiaoou lavished his praise on Taier and said that Taier is a company with great development potential, sense of responsibility and mission, and he sincerely hopes that Taier can make great contributions to surface engineering industry of China, bravely scale new heights and become a new star in China’s surface engineering field.


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